When it comes to retirement, we have a lot of content you can share with your employees. Please see the ready-to-go marketing material and helpful links below. We also have some content for you, the plan sponsor.

Email templates, filled with links to great resources for your members, based on their age/stage of retirement

Will you have enough money to retire? – Content for members under 40 years old to get them thinking about saving

Looking ahead to retirement – Content for members between 40 to 50 years old to help them start planning for retirement

Planning for retirement – Content for members between 50 to 60 years old to prepare them for upcoming retirement

Retirement is around the corner – Content for members who are 60+ years old as they begin to transition into retirement

Pre-retirement marketing materials to share with your employees

Get to know the Group Choices Retirement Income Program - A quick look at the benefits and features of our Group Choices plan

Helpful links to share with your employees

The Planning your best retirement page on mysunlife.ca

  • To access it, members can sign in and select manage plan > my plan > Learning > Planning your best retirement

Materials for you, the plan sponsor

  • Many plan members need support and guidance on their financial and retirement journey. Sun Life provides it, with 360 Plan Advice.
  • My Money in retirement is a Decumulation hub on our GRS Workplace site aimed at housing content and resources that tackle the most pressing decumulation topics.
  • A brochure about investments for Group Retirement Income Plans.