Voluntary benefits

Voluntary Benefits allow your employees to get additional coverage such as critical illness and life insurance. Adding these benefits to your existing group plan can provide extra protection for your plan members. This coverage offers flexibility and a wide range of options that can be customized to meet their specific needs. If a plan member leaves your group plan, they can still maintain their optional insurance coverage.

  • helps attract and retain talented people
  • increases the value of your benefits plan
  • offers you a turnkey marketing solution
  • easy to add to your group plan
  • no direct cost to you. This coverage is employee-paid through payroll deductions.
  • We educate your plan members with a comprehensive marketing education campaign. It’s fully personalized to help them make the best decision about their health.
  • We handle most of the administration on these programs to make your application process easy
  • We continuously improve our processes and invest in digital innovative tools to best serve your plan member’s needs.

Our Critical Illness Insurance Bright Paper explains why adding voluntary benefits insurance to your workplace plan can help your plan members build financial security in case of an unexpected health event. Our dedicated team is there to support your voluntary benefits needs.

Please contact your advisor for more information.

Why do these benefits matter? The key stats.

38% of working Canadians have experienced financial hardship because of a health event.1

35,000 cardiac arrests and 62,000 strokes happen
each year.2

45% of employees indicated a need for flexibility with their health benefits.3

6% of Canadians with a
group or individual insurance plan have critical illness coverage.4

1 2017 Sun Life Barometer.

2 Heart and Stroke Foundation. https://www.heartandstroke.ca/what-we-do/our-impact/saving-lives

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