With our continuous improvement mindset and solutions-based approach, we’re constantly evolving and improving our operations, to bring exceptional service to you and your employees. We anticipate your needs and identify new solutions to meet your expectations. To do this we
focus on:

Delivering an exceptional
service experience using a Client-centric approach.

Optimizing our workflow and operations to streamline
foundational processes.

Building an exceptional team to provide you with support in an effective and timely manner.

Service excellence in action

Here are some examples:

We’re improving the health and dental claims submission process. We’re making it easier and more efficient for your plan members.

We’re identifying opportunities to digitize, automate and improve open enrolment and implementation processes based on Client experience and feedback.

We’re optimizing our operations with
the help of robotic process automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What we’re seeing:


Plan members submit
all claims digitally


The turnaround time for 95%
of claims is 2 business days


All eclaims submitted by providers
are processed instantly.