We're committed to finding new and better ways to make your group benefits plan stronger and more sustainable. To help tackle rising costs, we’re using technology to empower plan members to make smart, cost-effective health-care decisions.

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We empower plan members with information and tools to help identify products and services that are best for them. We’re doing this in several ways:

Cost transparency

We’re bringing cost transparency to plan members through our Lumino Provider Search tool for health, dental and medical equipment providers. Our first cost transparency initiative was for compression socks. In connection with a reduction in the maximum reimbursement limit for this product, we encouraged plan members to search for lower cost providers. We saw lower claim costs and a change in plan member behaviours. Where plan members have out-of-pocket costs, it’s in their best interest to seek lower prices and we’re helping them do that.

Artificial Intelligence technology and digital coaching

Ella, our digital coach, provides specific, relevant and personalized savings tips to plan members about how they can save on out-of pocket expenses.

Lumino Health Centre

Lumino Health Centre makes it easy for plan members to find resources and solutions to live healthier.

  • Discover regularly updated wellness and mental health content. Read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts and more.
  • Need to find a health-care professional? Lumino Provider Search can help you find and book appointments.
  • Find exclusive savings and special offers through Lumino Resources & Offers.* Browse categories such as Vision & Hearing, Medical Products & Resources, and Mental Wellness.

This Lumino Health Centre flyer will help you understand the features and benefits of Lumino Health Centre.

For more information about how we’re using digital innovations to bring costs down, read our brochure  Bending the benefits cost curve – Digital innovation or listen to our podcast.

We negotiate valuable discounts with health-care service providers for plan members. 

These discounts are especially important for group benefits that might have maximum reimbursement limits, such as eyewear, orthotics, and hearing aids.

One of our key strategies for reducing benefit costs is using our scale to negotiate discounts with pharmaceutical manufacturers. These pharmaceutical discounts – known as product listing agreements (PLAs) can help:

  • Reduce future pool charge increases. 
  • Balance plan sponsors’ needs for drug plan sustainability with plan members’ access to effective therapy. 

When we negotiate a discount, the savings help lower the drug cost for the plan sponsor. As well, plan members can save when they use their pay-direct drug card at the pharmacy.

The impact is substantial. Over the past five years, we’ve saved plan sponsors and their members more than $100 million through PLAs. 

For more information on how we are building relationships in the pharmaceutical industry to bring costs down, please download our brochure  Bending the benefits cost curve – Pharmaceutical discounts.

Benefits fraud is big business – amounting to several hundred million dollars of losses each year in Canada.

We lead the industry in the size and capabilities of our fraud risk management team. We also lead other insurers in our swift response to delist service providers who exhibit suspicious claiming patterns.

The delisting of these providers is critically important. Service provider fraud and collusion schemes represent up to 87% of all fraudulent group benefits activity. 1

For more information, go to  Bending the benefits cost curve – Fraud – How we identify it and reduce it.

Health-care innovations can do more than improve treatment for plan members – they can often lower costs too.

Sun Life recently completed pilots of two solutions to support plan member mental health. The pilots, conducted in partnership with leaders in the field of mental health, were industry firsts. These solutions are now part of our EHC plans.  

Online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Research has shown that online or virtual CBT can be just as effective as in-person therapy.

With an online CBT program, plan members complete their therapy through self-paced modules. An assigned therapist checks in at regular intervals to track progress and assess whether they are benefitting from the online format.

Plan members are able to take greater ownership of their therapy and still be fully supported by their therapist.


Genetic differences are one of the greatest factors impacting how each person metabolizes a specific drug.

Because we all can respond to medications differently, prescribing a drug is often a trial-and-error process. This is especially true in relation to mental health treatments.

Pharmacogenomics testing can reduce or eliminate this trial and error process. A simple cheek swab test can quickly identify the best drug or protocol for an individual.

The advantages of this testing can be significant:

  • Better health outcomes for employees
  • Cost savings for the benefits plan
  • Reduced costs related to absence and disability for the employer.

* This section will only be visible if Lumino Resources & Offers are part of your plan.

1 Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and The Fraud Box, Canadian Health Care Fraud Survey, 2004

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