Benefits plans are an important part of your talent management and organizational health strategies. We want to continue to help you manage your benefits plan costs while accessing the best in health solutions for your plan members.

Through technology and cost transparency, we encourage plan members to be responsible users of their benefits plan.

At Sun Life, we continuously innovate to bend the benefits cost curve and keep your plan sustainable.

Here are 5 successful strategies you can benefit from:

We empower plan members with information and tools to help identify products and services that are cost-effective. We’re doing this in several ways:

  • Cost transparency
    We’re helping plan members to find top rated health-care providers1 through our Lumino Provider Search tool.
  • Artificial Intelligence technology and digital coaching
    Ella, our digital coach, provides specific, relevant and personalized savings tips to plan members about how they can maximize their benefits plans.
  • Lumino Health Centre
    It allows plan members to
    • find and book appointments with health-care professionals,
    • find exclusive savings and special offers and
    • access regularly updated wellness and mental health content.


We negotiate valuable discounts with health-care service providers for plan members.

These discounts are especially important for group benefits with reimbursement limits on such items as eyewear, orthotics, and hearing aids.

To help ensure drug plans remain sustainable, we negotiate price reductions on drugs with pharmaceutical manufacturers. These arrangements are referred to as product listing agreements (PLAs). This key strategy helps plan sponsors to mitigate the rising costs of drug benefit plans and maintain their sustainability. This approach also allows plan members to save on drug costs when they use their pay-direct drug card at the pharmacy.



Our industry-leading Fraud Risk Management team uses the latest technologies to help and reduce benefits fraud and limit risks to plan sponsors. To protect plan sponsors against questionable claims, we delist service providers, exhibiting suspicious claiming patterns. Our technology and quick response to suspect behaviour helps us save plan sponsors millions of dollars each year.


Employers like you are concerned about rising benefits costs, including those related to disability. Our focus on prevention is a key priority, as it can reduce claims and expenses. Free strategy toolkits, like those for mental health and musculoskeletal health, guide you on how to support health issue prevention. And our innovations – like pharmacogenomics and our new Mental Health Coach – can support recovery at much lower plan costs.