Help employees select the right savings products, contribution amounts and build a plan for the future. 

Materials to share with your employees

Comparison of savings products – Provide your employees with an overview of the savings products available to them. This flyer explains Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Tax-Free Savings Accounts, Registered Retirement Savings Plans and Non-Registered Savings Plans, and the advantages of each.


RRSPs: how they can help you reach your financial goals - Summarizes the benefits of participating in a workplace RRSP and highlights how it can help employees reach their financial goals.

Stay within your contribution limits – Explains how Sun Life can help employees stay within their personal contribution limits by providing their contribution limits on

Naming a beneficiary: why it's so important – A one-pager that explains the importance of choosing a beneficiary and how to name one by visiting

Payroll contribution calculator: saving for your future – An overview of the payroll contribution calculator on that shows employees how extra contributions can really add up, helping them save for the future.

Materials for you, the plan sponsor

Designed for Savings – Sun Life’s biennial examination of capital accumulation plans in Canada.  Learn how your plan compares to others of the same size or industry.