Family Building program

For many the adoption, fertility, and surrogacy process can be complex and stressful. The benefits included within our Family Building program can help relieve some of these concerns.

Providing family building benefits can also further your organization’s DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) initiatives. This can help you attract and retain top talent.

Our Family Building program includes the following coverage:

Fertility Services and Fertility Drug Coverage

Fertility treatments are often expensive. Our Fertility Services Benefit is here to make things more affordable for plan members. This benefit will repay the plan member for eligible expenses which includes physician and lab services, genetic testing and more.

Our fertility drugs coverage can also help to alleviate some of the costs associated with a plan member's fertility journey. Most fertility drugs are part of your Extended Health Care (EHC) offering and may already be included in the list of eligible drugs.

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A surrogate plays an important role in helping to start a family. As more people depend on a surrogate, the costs associated with this journey can be costly and stressful.

This benefit will repay plan members for medical expenses they incur on behalf of their surrogate, such as lab services, testing and procedures.

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Non-Medical (Wellness)

Providing coverage for non-medical expenses gives surrogates and plan members peace of mind. This benefit provides coverage for eligible wellness expenses related to a surrogate, such as prenatal fitness classes and vitamins. We’ll pay plan members for eligible expenses they incur on behalf of their surrogate.

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Adoption Coverage

The adoption process can be costly and complex. As more people turn to this option
to grow their family, our Adoption benefit can help. Offering coverage for expenses
related to the adoption process can relieve stress and make the process more affordable. This benefit repays plan members for approved expenses they incur as part of the
adoption process, such as legal and agency fees.

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Employees who had workplace coverage for fertility
treatments reported being:1


More likely to remain in their
job for a longer period


More likely to work harder