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Years of operation

1865: Charter received
1871: Commenced business

Canadian head office location

Waterloo, Ontario

Number of employees in Canada

10,720 employees (at December 31, 2018)

3,610 Sun Life advisors (at December 31, 2018)

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Canadian leaders

Robert Dumas
President and Chief Executive Officer

Interview topics include: Sun Life Financial Canada's strategy in Quebec, risk management and financial strategies in retirement services

Robert Dumas joined Sun Life Financial in 2012. He is responsible for driving accelerated growth in the company's businesses in Quebec. Robert also oversees activities supporting the company's involvement in the community.

Sun Life Global Investments

Sadiq Adatia
Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc.

Interview topics include: Domestic and global economic trends, Canadian market commentary, investment trends, tips on investing, portfolio management and emerging markets

Sadiq Adatia is Chief Investment Officer for Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc. and manages the Sun Life Global Investments Portfolio Management Team. In this role, Sadiq is accountable for bringing clients the best in asset management and innovative solutions from around the world. He leverages his investment expertise to provide investment commentary to clients and media.

Group Retirement Services

Tom Reid
Senior Vice-President, Group Retirement Services

Interview topics include: Pensions, Pooled Registered Pension Plans, group retirement savings, workplace pension plans and pension reform

Tom Reid is Senior Vice-President, Group Retirement Services (GRS), Sun Life Financial Canada. In this role, Tom oversees Canada’s largest provider of defined contribution pension arrangements, covering over 1 million Canadians.

Group Benefits

Dave Jones
Senior Vice-President, Group Benefits

Interview topics include: trends in group benefits, digital health innovation, disability, total benefits and savings, and physical and mental health and wellness

In this role, Dave sets the direction for Group Benefits and oversees all business unit initiatives to ensure they are aligned with Sun Life Financial's overall goals.