Virtual Care

Sun Life’s virtual care programs and services are provided by Dialogue. They’re designed to improve the physical well-being and mental health of plan members. These virtual health care services are there when they’re needed most. Concerns are quickly assessed, and plan members are connected to the right health-care provider or professional.

Access. Convenience. Peace of mind.

With Lumino Health Virtual Care, plan members and their eligible dependents can access a virtual “walk-in” service. This service quickly assesses medical issues and mental health questions. It connects plan members with the right health-care professional, including nurses, doctors, mental health specialists and others.

Virtual care can help resolve any condition that doesn’t require a physical exam. That’s estimated to be about 70% of primary care cases. 

By connecting with health-care providers virtually, plan members can get the care they need from the comfort of home.

The service is available via mobile and web. For information about this service please read this brochure.


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Email template
for plan sponsors

Plan member 
and flyer

Plan members can learn more by visiting

A valuable mental health program

Stress Management and Well-Being is a valuable add-on to Lumino Health Virtual Care. It provides plan members with access to resources and specialists focused on mental health. This program helps plan members and their eligible dependents manage mental health concerns. It breaks down barriers and provides access to mental health treatment and support.

This service is available on mobile and web.

For information about this program, please read this brochure


Helpful resources:


Email template for plan sponsors

Plan member brochure and flyer

Plan members can learn more by visiting

A new EAP experience

Lumino Health Virtual Care EAP offers plan members support across a broad range of work and life areas. It includes all the services you’d expect from a leading EAP. Services included:

  • mental health support and internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT)
  • legal and financial advice
  • work and career counselling
  • support for families and relationships
  • critical incident response (available if needed at an additional cost)

For more information, please read this brochure

This service is available on mobile, web and phone by calling 1-844-342-3327.

Helpful resources: 

 Plan members can learn more by visiting

Get started

Here are materials to help engage your organization and get your plan members started using these virtual care services. You can share these materials to highlight the benefits of these programs.

Demos & Videos

These videos will provide an introduction to virtual care services and show you how easy they are to use. You can download the videos or share the links with your plan members.