Lumino Health Centre is available to anyone with access to Lumino Health Centre allows plan members to access the tools and resources they need to live healthier lives. This includes access to a network of health care providers and credible health content, in an all-in-one health hub.

Lumino Provider Search gives plan members easy access to a wide range of patient-rated health care providers. It allows plan members to filter search results and choose from a network of 200,000+ health care providers, Canada wide. And best of all, it’s available on both the my Sun Life mobile app and website.

The categories searchable through the tool include:

  • Dental professionals: including family dentists, dental hygienists, denturists, endodontist, paedodontist, periodontist, orthodontists and oral surgeons
  • Mental health services: including psychologists, psychotherapists, clinical counsellors, social workers, and more
  • Paramedical providers: acupuncturists, athletic therapists, audiologists, chiropractors, dietitians, kinesiologists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, speech therapists, and more
  • Vision care: ophthalmologists, optometrists, and optical stores
  • Medical equipment: such as compression stockings and orthotics, and other supplies
  • Pharmacies: including directions and contact information
  • Medical care: walk-in clinics, family doctors, and emergency care (not patient-rated)

Filter your search

Plan members can find a health care provider by filtering search results based on the following:

  • Distance
  • Patient ratings (35K ratings daily!)
  • Cost information
  • Instant booking
  • Language
  • Conditions
  • Services
  • Gender*
  • Clientele
  • Amenities

*Not all health care providers will have this included in their profile. Only specialities that include close or physical contact with patients, require their gender in their profile.

Extended profiles

Providers who provide more information can have an extended profile on Lumino Health's provider search. This information includes office hours, images of the provider and the facility, conditions, services, clientele and more. Plan members can book from the my Sun Life mobile app or, or request an appointment with the provider. Basic profiles do not allow providers to receive appointment requests.

Lumino Resources & Offers is a central hub of health resources. It includes exclusive discounts, free resources and tools from leading providers and retailers.

The categories in Lumino Resources & Offers include:

  • Vision & hearing
  • Medical products & resources
  • Pharmacy
  • Pet Health
  • Fitness & activity
  • Mental Wellness
  • Food & nutrition
  • Family & home
  • Chronic condition management
  • Aging & caregiving

**This section will only be visible if Lumino Resources & Offers are part of your plan.

Get wellness tips from credible experts on health, wellness, and more.

Employee activation email series: This series of six emails features content to help your employees take charge of their health. Send one each week or mix and match based on your priorities. In this document, you’ll find the following email templates:

  1. Introducing Lumino Health
  2. Checking in on your mental health
  3. Stay fit and eat well with these tips
  4. Balancing it all under one roof
  5. Staying resilient in challenging times
  6. Self-care

Digital flyers: These simple digital flyers are great for displaying on televisions and sharing quick tips with employees on your internal channels.

Webinar on demand: Request a webinar to introduce your employees to Lumino Health. Please contact Paige West at to book your webinar.

Intranet sample: Promote wellness at work on your own Intranet. We’ll work with you to publish a page like this example where employees can find resources and connect with health-care providers. Please contact Paige West at