A 10-part series providing you with expert and actionable insights on a range of decumulation topics. New articles and resources refreshed monthly to help drive better retirement outcomes for your employees and organization.

Five million Canadians will turn 65 this decade. Traditionally, this is an age when many retire, however traditional ideas of retirement are changing. In today’s reality, people are living longer, which means having to stretch their savings further. 

A recent Sun Life survey found that Canadians aged 55 and up rated ‘having enough money for the future and/or retirement’ their second highest concern after cost of living. Yet, in that same age group - 55 and older, half (47%) have not created a plan. And of Canadians aged 40 and over, only 15% said they were ‘very confident’ in how to divest in retirement. 

Providing employees with support to and through the decumulation phase - the drawing down of income in retirement - is essential to creating sustainable retirement income. It also helps employees achieve on-time retirement and supports organizational health. 

While there is no single way to solve the decumulation challenge, Sun Life has the expertise to help navigate to and through this phase. We’ll continue to provide a spectrum of guidance, advice, tools, advocacy and thought leadership – for you and your employees.

I encourage you to bookmark this page for future decumulation innovations, resources, and insights. And I look forward to partnering with you to meet the decumulation challenge.


Eric Monteiro

Latest article

  • May 27, 2022

    Sustainable retirement income is a puzzle. Here’s how to solve it

    Take a giant puzzle, spread the pieces across your kitchen table, and try to put it together without looking at the image on the box. That’s how some people feel about retirement income planning. They don’t know how everything fits and they can’t see the big picture.

  • April 05, 2022

    OAS changes mean rethinking retirement income planning

    Eligible Canadians will receive more financial assistance this summer from their Old Age Security (OAS). Starting in July, people aged 75-plus will receive a 10% increase to their monthly OAS payment. 

  • February 24, 2022

    How to align retirement assets with your life goals

    Many workplace plan members can choose from several buckets of retirement income. They need a comprehensive plan to create a reliable paycheque when it’s time to decumulate.

Committed to driving sustainable retirement outcomes

Financial security is a key pillar of Sun Life’s sustainability strategy. By providing Clients with innovative products and services, we’re helping secure their—and their family’s—financial future.

Our Group  Retirement Services decumulation strategy focuses on: 

  • Offering plan members a spectrum of guidance, advice and tools
  • Timely, relevant engagement and communication
  • Ensuring plan design sets members up for future success
  • Offering a range of products and education creating an effective decumulation strategy
  • Amplifying our voice through advocacy and thought leadership.

The decumulation challenge in today’s reality

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