Welcome to the Sponsor Resource Centre, an education and communications hub to help you support your employees’ financial wellness.

This site offers a variety of resources for you to share with your employees. These materials provide information on how they can:

  • take advantage of their workplace savings plan, and
  • improve their financial wellness.

Below you will find all the resources you need to support them on their journey. From the moment they join the plan, to selecting the right products, funds and watching their investments grow. And finally, to planning for their retirement.

Browse and select content to get your members engaged

Share information on how to set up an online account and what tools are available on mysunlife.ca and my Sun Life mobile app. Learn about online resources like Ella and Click to Chat. 

Materials to share with your employees about how to connect with us

Materials for employees that highlight some of the resources available to them on mysunlife.ca

Materials for you, the plan sponsor


Help employees select the right savings products, contribution amounts and build a plan for the future. 

Materials that explain to employees different savings products, as well as important considerations like contribution limits and choosing a beneficiary

  • Comparison of savings products – Provide your employees with an overview of the savings products available to them. This flyer explains Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Tax-Free Savings Accounts, Registered Retirement Savings Plans and Non-Registered Savings Plans, and the advantages of each.
  • RRSPs: how they can help you reach your financial goals – Summarizes the benefits of participating in a workplace RRSP and highlights how it can help employees reach their financial goals.
  • Stay within your contribution limits – Explains how Sun Life can help employees stay within their personal contribution limits by providing their contribution limits on mysunlife.ca.
  • Naming a beneficiary: why it's so important – A one-pager that explains the importance of choosing a beneficiary and how to name one by visiting mysunlife.ca.

Materials for employees that promote the Retirement Planner and payroll contribution calculator

Materials for you, the plan sponsor

Provide information to your plan members on what funds are available to select and how to select their investments.

Materials designed to help employees choose the investments that meet their savings goals

Materials for employees specific to target date funds

Materials that educate employees on other important investment topics

When it comes to retirement, we have a lot of content you can share with your employees. Please see the ready-to-go marketing material and helpful links below. We also have some content for you, the plan sponsor.

Email templates, filled with links to great resources for your members, based on their age/stage of retirement

Pre-retirement marketing materials to share with your employees

Helpful links to share with your employees

Materials for you, the plan sponsor

Coming soon

Watch for communications from us with more ways to engage your employees on this important topic, including our new income planning tool on the member secure site.

Want a more detailed discussion about how we can help you and your employees with their retirement journey? Reach out to your Group Retirement Services representative.

Support your employees’ financial literacy and help them achieve financial wellness through webinars, special offers and more. 

Links for you, the plan sponsor