Helping your plan members get
the most from their benefits

Helping your plan members discover the features
and functions of their benefits plans is important.

On this page, you’ll find simple, easy-to-follow steps
to help your plan members navigate
and the my Sun Life mobile app.

Sharing resources with
your workforce

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Share these flyers with your plan members to
help guide them when using and
the my Sun Life mobile app.

Support for plan members – using
and the my Sun Life Mobile app


Registration is the first step plan members need to access all the features of their benefits plan. They can register on their web or mobile device. It’s fast and easy.


On the my Sun Life mobile app, plan members can:

  • check plan coverage
  • check account balances
  • submit claims
  • access Lumino Health Centre and Lumino Provider Search and,
  • interact with Ella, our digital coach for cost-saving tips and information.

Here’s a flyer you can share with your plan members that highlights some of the functionality available on the my Sun Life mobile app.

Plan members can also visit to learn more about the features available on the app.


Naming a beneficiary ensures plan members’ money goes where they want. They can
follow these simple steps* to help save time and generate savings for their loved ones. 

*Features available will vary based on plan, policy or contract. Refer to the Employee benefits booklet 
for full details of eligible expenses available