Keeping plans safe and sustainable

Sun Life leads the industry in both the size and capabilities of our Fraud Risk Management team. Our focus is on prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. This commitment has resulted in saving plan sponsors millions of dollars that might otherwise have been spent in fraudulent claims and plan abuse. It’s important to be aware of group benefits fraud, what it looks like, and how it can be avoided. Here are some helpful resources for you and your plan members.

We've invested heavily in fraud risk management in three key areas:


  • Our fraud risk management team is supported by data science, finance, risk management and health care professionals.
  • The team includes trained fraud risk management investigators and analysts, with backgrounds in insurance, healthcare, data analysis, finance, policing, and investigations.


  • Industry-leading AI that can quickly detect changes in claiming patterns.
  • Sophisticated research and analysis software.
  • Comprehensive screening programs.


  • Plan sponsor and plan member resources and materials.
  • In-depth client engagement.
  • Informative presentations and awareness training materials.

Email or call the toll-free Sun Life fraud tip line: 1-888-882-2221.

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