Absence & disability management

Even with the best in health prevention, disability claims will inevitably occur. You need a disability partner who can help you get your plan members on disability leave back to health and work – and lower your claims costs. We do this by:

  1. Ensuring plan members are assessed quickly, with the right resources identified as soon as possible.
  2. Providing fast access to inclusive, value-driven care and health solutions that may reduce the duration of the absence.
  3. Delivering exceptional personalized service – for you and your plan members – at every stage.


We deliver the right early-stage resources for plan members most at risk. This can make a lasting impact on health and recovery.


We take action to add value and make a difference. Our value-driven health solutions are the result of innovation and testing. These solutions work to help get plan members back to work – and optimum health – sooner.

Our personalized case management approach ensures that every plan member on disability receives the level of support they need.  This support is tailored to where they are, on their disability journey. This may mean helping plan members access timely, optimal care. Or reducing barriers that prolong their recovery and sustainable return to work. It may also provide continued financial peace of mind for those who are unable to return to work.


Designed for Health report

Long-term disability claims – a look through the pandemic and beyond. Download our report.

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