Members complete a Health Risk Assessment


They receive a score for financial, physical and mental health with personalized action plans


They then complete activities, earn points and get rewarded

Financial Wellness Webinars

Our free Financial Wellness Webinars are designed to boost financial literacy and help plan members achieve financial wellness. Plan members can register for the sessions by visiting

2022 Financial Wellness Webinars brochures

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Lumino Health

Health answers, all in one place

At Sun Life, we’re committed to helping our Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. That’s why we’ve created Lumino Health, our new online health network where you can search for trusted health-care providers near you, find out about health innovations, and connect with other Canadians around health and wellness topics that matter to you.

Health-care providers near you

Enter your location to find dentists, massage therapists, mental health professionals and other health-care providers in your area.

Credible ratings by other Canadians

Find a top-rated provider in our search tool, powered by over 10 million validated ratings nationwide.

Cost information

See how costs compare across thousands of providers.