Absence & Disability Management

Absence & Disability Management

We know that when an employee has to go on disability leave, it can be one of the most challenging times in their life.

It can also create uncertainty for you. You want to support your valued team member while still moving your business forward.

The Sun Life difference

  • We tailor our approach to support each employee’s needs during the disability journey.
  • We provide individualized support for their recovery.
  • We help create a plan for sustainable return to work for employees who are able, and financial peace of mind for those who aren’t.

Our five driving principles

  • Collaborate. We take the time to learn about your business, your culture, your current and anticipated challenges. We translate these into recommendations for personalized case management.
  • Empower. We work with your employee to build a plan that helps to ensure access to the right treatment and empowers the employee to be an active participant in their own recovery.
  • Plan. We leverage data, technology, and resources to better understand each specific situation to better support your employee on leave.
  • Act. We take immediate action, monitor progress, and adjust the recovery plan as needed.
  • Make a difference. Our promise to you is to help make a difference. We work towards sustainable outcomes and the best experience for you and your employees on leave. As well, we provide guidance for your absence and disability management strategy.