We understand the challenges of being a business owner. The health and well-being of your employees is critical to your company’s short-term and long-term successes. No matter your budget, we've designed cost-effective and flexible group benefits solutions to suit your unique workplace needs. Choosing inclusive, customized and
value-driven health solutions for your company will:

  • Attract and retain the most talented employees
  • Help manage costs while keeping your plan sustainable
  • Minimize employee turnover
  • Boost employee productivity

Start investing now in your employees’ health and well-being. 

Our presence and service-first mindset allows us to put relevant
solutions tailored to you, into action:

An easy, flexible and affordable way to keep your employees healthy!

Our benefits solution, dedicated to small businesses with 3 to 49 employees, offers:

comprehensive coverage
tailored to your specific business needs and budget

exceptional employee
resources through mysunlife.ca, and the my Sun Life mobile app

mandatory insurance and optional benefits to keep your employees motivated, engaged and healthy

A benefit offering with a wide range of cost-effective options and products!

Our benefits solution for businesses with 50 or more employees offers:

plan design flexibility to meet your needs, regardless of your industry

dedicated team to help you build a benefits plan reflecting and meeting the needs of your plan members

industry-leading products and services that drive health outcomes

Reach out to your advisor to help you create the perfect plan for your unique business needs.

Here are materials to give you a bit more insight about what our
Group Benefits solutions include.

Brochures & guides

Small business with up to 50 employees

Businesses over 50 employees


The forms can be downloaded directly from our forms page