Retirement looks different for everyone and no matter what it looks like, or how far away it is, we’re here to help. Plan Members can take advantage of the tools and advice that can help turn big decisions into easy choices.  

Many plan members need support and guidance on their financial and retirement journey. Sun Life is here to provide seamless support leading up to and through retirement.


Plan members can get started on creating a personalized financial roadmap using one of our great tools below:


In less than 5 minutes, they can use this tool to begin building a retirement plan, regardless of where they are in their retirement journey.

With our new retirement planner, they’ll be able to:

  • Complete a plan in less than 5 minutes.
  • Create retirement goals, and
  • Determine an estimated retirement age and income projects.

Plan members can choose to self-serve, get assistance from a licensed consultant, and if they decide they want a more in-depth plan, they can use Sun Life One Plan and create a full planner.

With Sun Life One Plan, plan members can unlock a lifetime of possibilities. The full planner allows them to create a more in-depth financial roadmap for their financial needs and protect their future. Sun Life One Plan is a simple, easy-to-follow goal-based planning tool. It provides plan members with advanced features, such as:

  • Real time tracking towards their savings goals.
  • Personalized strategies to help get them closer to retirement sooner.
  • Freedom and flexibility to make changes to their plan as life circumstances changes.

Just like the Retirement Planner, plan members can self-serve to create a plan, receive on-demand guidance from the Client Solutions Centre (CSC) or get help from a licensed consultant.

Plan members can get support at any stage or work directly with a licensed consultant* from the beginning


360 Plan Advice

Offers one-to-one support through licensed financial services consultants that are dedicated to workplace savings plans, at no additional cost.

Plan members can reach out to a licensed consultant at any stage in their career or retirement planning to begin building a financial roadmap.

Welcoming members

  • Enrol in the plan
  • Understand and maximize the value of their workplace plan
  • Advice in selecting investments

Supporting members throughout their journey

  • Ongoing member engagement initiatives by digital and phone support, to provide the right solution at the right time
  • Investment Advice
  • Sun Life One Plan
  • Retirement tools on the plan member website

Retirement planning

  • Recommending on income product solutions
  • Converting savings to income at retirement
  • Consolidating assets
  • Flexible planning in retirement
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Plan members can reach us in two simple ways:

  1. Book an appointment directly with a consultant.


  2. Call our Client Contact Centre at 1-866-634-4840 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m ET.

* Registered as financial security advisors in Quebec.