In the Lumino Health Virtual Care app, you'll complete a two-minute stress questionnaire. Your results will help us create you a personalized plan of action. It will tell us:

  • if you need preventative intervention, get support right away. The goal is to help you reduce stress and increase your well-being.
  • if don’t need any specific intervention, you’ll get information to maintain and improve your well-being. 
Program Features
Mental Health Specialist Initial Assessment
Self-guided articles and wellness resources
Prevention tools and pre-symptomatic support
Unlimited treatment until remission
Access to medical doctors and nurse practitioners. This includes evaluations and medications as required.

Registration guide

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You also have access to Dialogue’s dedicated care team and resources to help you be healthier and happier.

This includes:

  • Stress questionnaire and your well-being score 
  • Personalized and holistic care 
  • Stress management and well-being resources

Want to learn how the Stress Management and Well-Being program, powered by Dialogue could benefit you?

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