Improving the online experience

Digital innovations are critical to providing a better end-to-end plan member experience. Through enhancements – such as mobile optimization – that create greater ease of use and personalization, we’re improving the digital experience to drive plan member actions toward better financial health.

Our continuous investment in digital innovation is a key driver behind our member satisfaction ratings. A survey conducted by an external research company in 2020 saw members indicate that our digital experience surpassed those of our competitors by 7% in terms of overall satisfaction.

In 2020, we made design and experience enhancements to most of our plan member site. This made it easier for plan members to navigate and use their retirement planning and savings. We also significantly enhanced the enrolment experience, making it faster and easier for new hires. In addition, we enhanced several of our online tools and functions to increase functionality and ease of use.

And for plan sponsors, we launched, putting all our GRS and GB information in one place for you. 

In Q2 2020, we launched our new Enrol tool, letting employees enrol in their plan in just a few simple steps. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

  • 84% of users found the new enrolment tool either “Easy” or “Very Easy” to use.
  • Twice as many employees completed the flow under the new tool versus the completion rate under the old enrolment tool.
  • The new tool took less time to complete than the old tool (less than 6 minutes).

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We launched our renewed Retirement planner and consolidated the process into a single page. Leveraging behavioural economics theory, the planner increased engagement by showing plan members the real-time impact of their decisions. The new planner included our new Budget calculator. The Budget calculator helps plan members understand their retirement income and expenses, especially for those who relate less to numbers and more to the visualizing of their retirement lifestyle. The calculator lets them choose from six different lifestyles, based on strong data analytics from the experiences of Canadians across the country. Each lifestyle provides a pre-set retirement income goal and estimated monthly costs. Employees can also create their own custom retirement budget. 

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We launched our new contribution limits page on The new feature helps plan memebers track their RRSP and TFSA contributions and stay within Canada Revenue Agency limits. This includes proactive email alerts sent to plan members to help them monitor their contributions.

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We introduced a new public plan sponsor website: The site is your new destination for any Group Retirement Services resources and information you need. From news and insights, to products and wellness, has it all.

The site provides you with up-to-date information related to industry news and changes. And the homepage also provides you with easy access to Sun Life Group Benefits (

We also gave the SunAdvantage™ my savings website a new look and feel, along with full accessibility. In addition, we consolidated the Advisor and Small Business Owner pages to allow for one streamlined website for Advisors and their small business clients.

The site is now a one-stop spot for all SunAdvantage™ my savings support and resources, including contractual documents, how-to guides, employee guides and forms.

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We improved the Change Investments web experience for plan members. The enhancements included:

  • Adding the 'Help me do it' approach to investing where members provide us information on their risk tolerance or retirement age, and we suggest a single fund solution to help them meet their goals.
  • Integrating the Asset allocation tool results for members to see in real-time how their fund selections are aligning to their risk tolerance.
  • Helping guide better decisions by making important information and warning messages more relevant to the funds plan members are selecting.
  • The completion rate for choosing new investments was six times higher than the completion rate for the old flow.

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Security and digital innovation go hand-in-hand. In 2020, we completed more than 15 new projects to improve our cyber security defences to ensure they are effective against the changing threat landscape.  We also conducted more than 520 phishing simulation tests over the year, reaching every Sun Life employee and contractor globally.

In addition, we subscribe to several cyber intelligence services to track, assess and defend against the latest cyber threats. We also participate in industry committees to share intelligence and best practices to guard against future attacks.

Safeguarding Client data is one of our greatest responsibilities as a provider. These continued investments in our cyber security programs help us keep pace with an extremely active threat environment and ensure your information is safe.

2021 preview

Here are some key digital innovations that we’ll be working on in 2021 to help plan members achieve better financial health outcomes.

  • Mobile app enhancements.  We’ll invest in the mobile app to add functionality that is most desired by plan members. Starting with core transactional capabilities such as Enrol and Change Investments.
  • Digitize paper enrolment. We’ll innovate to remove the barriers faced by plan sponsors in moving to digital enrolment. This suite of innovations will include the ability for sponsors to upload a list of plan members directly through the sponsor site. This will allow us to reach out to these plan members and nudge them to enrol in their plan digitally.
  • Digitize asset consolidation. We’ll digitize our asset consolidation process so that plan members can take full advantage of their plan benefits, with negotiated fees for all their portfolio.
  • Secure site refresh. We'll continue to refresh our secure site to ensure a seamless and consistent experience for plan members. This refresh will let them connect with us from any device by ensuring that pages are mobile responsive. It will also ensure we meet accessibility guidelines so all our users can feel confident when using our digital tools.
  • E-beneficiary refresh. We’ll enhance our beneficiary experience to be mobile optimized – and integrate it into Enrol.
  • Welcome Letter enhancement. We’ll enhance our systems to digitize our welcome letter experience to help members access all online assets faster and easier.