Following our soft launch in 2021, we’re pleased to now offer this valuable mental health support to you. Your plan members will have access to psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers, in addition to doctors, nurses and medical specialists. These practitioners work together as a team to offer help 24/7. Plan members who used the service saw a 34% improvement in anxiety and 36% improvement for depression.1

How the program works

Stress Management and Well-Being is an add-on to Lumino Health Virtual Care. It works using the same app. Plan members can move seamlessly between the different services within the Lumino Health Virtual Care app depending on their needs.

  • Through the app, plan members looking for support can complete a two-minute online stress test. They can then connect within minutes to a mental health specialist for initial consultation or imminent danger support.
  • The specialist then matches the plan member to the practitioner most suited to their situation. The plan member has unlimited therapy sessions until remission, at no cost to them. And doctors and nurse practitioners are available for diagnostic assessments and treatment plans as needed. This can be a critical support if a plan member needs medication to treat a mental health condition.

The benefits to your workforce – cost-effective, barrier-free mental health support

Stress Management and Well-Being provides immediate, cost-effective, comprehensive support. And from a prevention standpoint, it may stop many emerging mental health issues from becoming more serious.

It breaks down the barriers to mental health treatment – cost, access, and privacy concerns – in several ways by providing:

  • quick access to mental health support,
  • comprehensive holistic treatment,
  • continuity of care,
  • coordination with the primary care provider, and
  • family coverage.

To learn more, please visit our web page for plan sponsors. We’ve also developed a separate web page with program details for plan members.

Continuing our commitment to workplace mental health

We remain committed to helping you improve mental health in your workplace. Stress Management and Well-Being is a cost-effective way to remove treatment barriers and keep plan members healthy and at work.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Please contact your Sun Life Group Benefits representative.


1Sun Life data, 2021