The way you communicate with your plan members about their benefits is important. It can help foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity. Our research report indicated that there’s room for improvement when it comes to inclusive language from employers. One quarter of respondents said their employers and insurers don’t communicate inclusively. And the majority (54%) responded “somewhat well.”

When thinking about inclusive communication, consider culturally sensitive language relating to race, ethnicity, disabilities, and gender identity. For example, when using gender pronouns, lead with empathetic language. At Sun Life, we’ve created an internal DE&I Glossary to explain inclusive terms and language.

Diverse communities welcome communication that is tailored specifically to them. You can go beyond language and imagery by creating communications that highlight services and supports for specific groups.

Communication about workplace benefits may seem like a small part of your DE&I efforts but can be meaningful to your plan members.

The products and solutions available can help you to advance your organization’s own DE&I initiatives. We know that workplace benefits will continue to be a critical part of your organization’s value proposition. Offering more diverse benefits can help you attract and retain talent from all communities. 


We hope this playbook provides you with the framework to develop workplace benefits that are diverse, equitable and inclusive.