What do you need to know?

Law 14 (formerly Bill 96), adopted by Québec’s National Assembly in May 2022, affects all businesses with operations or employees in the province. It has important implications for external and internal communications, contracting and more.

Updated LOC

English letter of commitment has been updated to add standard language to the application indicating a preference for English. Based on the table below, Clients (plan sponsors) who choose to get the contractual documents in English will now need to confirm their request.

The new process for impacted sponsors (have operations and/or employees in Quebec) requires:  

  1. To send the LOC to the Client in French first or at the same time as English (i.e., in the same email).
  2. If the Client prefers to receive all documents and communications in English, they will need to get back to you to opt to work in English.
  3. After receiving the LOC, the Client may sign the French or English version of the LOC. If they sign the English LOC (language disclosure included in the LOC), please be aware that they will receive the SFA and Group Contracts in French and in English.

Target audience and what you need to do:

Who Action

New business if the request for proposal (RFP) is in English and there is Quebec office

LOC issued in French, and also in English if requested. SFA and Group Contracts will be required in French, plus in English if preferred.
Existing business goes to market or adds a product with office in Quebec LOC issued in preferred language. SFA and Group Contracts will be required in French, plus in English if preferred.
If group annuity policy is issued in Quebec or has Quebec members Send French and English LOC


Please reach out to Sun Life Group Retirement Services representative.