Quebec adopted a new Insurers Act, introducing a 10-day cancellation right effective June 13, 2019. As a result, Quebec residents who enrolled in a group insurance product on or after June 13, 2019 had the right to cancel their enrolment under certain conditions within 10 days of receiving their insurance certificate (in our case, their plan member booklet or plan summary).  

Under what conditions can members cancel their enrolment in a group insurance product?

They must live in Quebec and have enrolled in a group insurance product on or after June 13, 2019. They may cancel their enrolment within 10 days under the following conditions:

  • If they did not get advice from a licensed insurance representative when they enrolled.
  • If they chose to enroll in the product and it was not a mandatory part of their employment.

In an effort to inform Quebec plan members that have enrolled in a voluntary product since June 13, 2019, we'll disclose this new right on upcoming November and December annual statements. The disclosure will list the conditions under which they may exercise their right. That message will only appear on statements generated for Quebec plan members.

Quebec plan members who won't receive an annual statement in November or December will receive a detailed letter from Sun Life informing them of the new 10-day right to cancel.

Moreover, we've just recently updated our online enrolment methods, our marketing material and our insurance product certificates (plan summaries and member booklets), where applicable, so they can reflect the new right for Quebec plan members who are eligible to enroll in a voluntary insurance product(s) under a workplace savings plan.  

Although the new legislation provides Quebec plan members with a 10-day cancellation period after receiving their plan summary or member booklet to cancel their enrolment, Sun Life will honour qualifying cancellation instructions within 30 days of the statement or letter production date, whichever applies. Impacted members can provide such instructions by calling Sun Life's Client Care Centre.

How does this impact you?

The new 10-day right to cancel allows Quebec plan members to cancel their enrolment in a group insurance product if they did not get advice from a licensed insurance representative at the time of enrolment. As such, we believe this represents an opportunity for advisors to work closely with eligible members at the time of enrolment to help them understand the product features and benefits in order for them to make an informed decision.


Please contact your Sun Life Group Retirement Services representative.