November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada.

Just like travelling to a new place with no map, life without a financial plan can be stressful. During Financial Literacy month, we’re here to help plan members plan towards their financial goals. With skyrocketing prices, it’s important to put some money aside.

Throughout the month of November, we’ll reach out to plan members to strengthen their financial literacy and empower them to save for the future. The emails will encourage plan members to complete MAX Review to ensure they’re aligned with their retirement and savings goals. For those who aren’t on MAX Review, they’ll have opportunity to enroll, as well as to review our tools.

We’ve created the following collateral to help you promote Financial Literacy Month with your members:

What’s new?

This year, we’re covering topics such as:

  • Budgeting/managing debt
  • Investing
  • Planning for major purchases
  • Retirement planning.

Check out our upcoming webinar!

Discover how to build a financial plan, including ways to minimize taxes with an RRSP. Inform plan members to join us on November 13 in our upcoming Financial Wellness webinar. Members can reserve their spot here.


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