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Workplace savings transformed with quick and easy enrolment.

Our Clients are at the heart of everything we do. We’re working every day to make saving for retirement an easier, faster and more personal experience. Like you, we want to ensure your employees make the most of their workplace savings plan for a brighter future. 

Learn About mysunlife.ca

A key focus is ongoing digital engagement within the saving and retirement planning process. Mysunlife.ca is our plan member secure website that provides tools and resources to help with this process. We’ve recently redesigned our plan member website to be more intuitive and provide an improved and engaging experience for members.

As we continue to focus on innovation to support plan members in being retirement ready, we will continue to follow these key principles:

  • Make them aware of how they are meeting their goals
  • Make it easy for them to stay on track
  • Instil confidence they are making the right decisions in saving for retirement

Our Planning your best retirement page on mysunlife.ca is a hub of information that supports the following stages in retirement journey:

  • Growing Retirement Savings (age 18-45),
  • Approaching Retirement (Age 45-65), and
  • In Retirement (65+).

Members can find various resources, tools and information in the lifestyle that applies to them. It empowers them to make decisions and helps them feel comfortable in getting the support they need.

One of these tools on the Planning your best retirement page is our state-of-the art retirement planner, Sun Life One Plan.

Plan members will have the opportunity to create a personalized financial roadmap that adapts to their different life stages. Sun Life One Plan is a simple, easy-to-follow goal-based planning tool allowing your plan members to update their roadmap as their life circumstances change.​​

Plan members will benefit from these great features:

  • Real time tracking towards members savings goals
  • Personalized strategies to help get members closer to retirement sooner
  • Freedom and flexibility to make changes to their plan as life changes
  • Secure and confidential

Learn About MAX Review

Regular financial check-ups made easy with MAX Review.

Employees intend to get around to making the most of their workplace retirement and savings plan, but often don't. MAX Review makes it easy for them to take action with regular reminders and a guided, online process that shows them how to maximize their benefits.

Whether it's maximizing a company match, adding a new product, or increasing their contribution amounts, MAX Review keeps your employees actively engaged.

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