In advance of Women’s Health Week, this Bright Paper report is a great opportunity to raise awareness of women’s health issues. Recently, we’ve released our report on Integrating DE&I into group benefits plans and our DE&I Playbook for employers. This new Bright Paper report is a continuation of our commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in group benefits.

Focusing on women's health

  • One-third of women (33%) said their group benefits plan didn’t provide enough coverage to meet their needs.1
  • More than 40% of women’s long-term disability claims are for mental disorders.2
  • Fertility challenges have doubled since the 1980s, making family building difficult for many.3

Despite many strides in achieving women’s equality, a gender health gap still exists. A long history of inadequate recognition and support of women’s health is still impacting women today. This is slowly beginning to change.

How we’re helping

Our focus is on helping bridge this gap when it comes to women’s health.

Download our new Bright Paper report: Working together to support women’s health. It can help you understand how you can help address women’s unique health needs. Actions you take can help women feel supported in their workplaces. It also improves your ability to attract and retain talent.

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National survey of 2,313 working Canadians, age 18-65, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Sun Life, February 2022

Sun Life data, Q1&Q2, 2022