We’re seeing strong positive results from our Mental Health Coach (MHC), provided by CloudMD. It’s providing early intervention, helping plan members get the care they need, and reducing absence duration in the workplace.

Mental Health Coach – what we’re seeing 

Plan members are benefitting from the MHC. To showcase the results we’re seeing, we’re pleased to share this infographic with you. It demonstrates how the MHC:

  • helps plan members access appropriate and timely treatment.
  • improves health outcomes.
  • reduces short term-disability durations,
  • and helps prevent plan members from going on long-term disability (LTD).

The MHC can help improve the negative effects of poor employee mental health – including absenteeism, presenteeism and disability. It removes barriers to care and can help you create a mentally heathier workforce.

Visit our web page for additional resources and information on MHC. Talk to your Sun Life Group Benefits representative about adding the MHC to your plan.

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