And yet many women may experience health challenges at different life stages, including symptoms associated with the menopause transition.

To dive further into this issue, Sun Life hosted a roundtable discussion about support for women’s health in the workplace. The roundtable featured three Sun Life leaders, along with the co-founder of the Menopause Foundation of Canada.

Our panelists discussed the impact of menopause and the gender health gap on women and the workplace. They also highlighted ways that you can better support women’s health and gain many benefits, including improved retention, greater productivity, and a healthier, happier workforce.

We encourage you to view the roundtable and share with your leadership team.

Why support for women’s health makes it better for all

The effects are substantial. In Canada, women miss – and employers lose – about 540,000 days of work because of menopause symptom management. Overall, the annual economic cost of unmanaged menopause symptoms is about $3.5 billion. Much of that is due to women reducing their hours, taking lower paid positions, or leaving the workforce altogether. An estimated 1 in 10 women will leave the workforce due to unmanaged menopause symptoms.

The women in your workplace want to make the most of their careers. And you want the most from your people resources. Expanded supports at work for women’s health are a win-win for all.

Solutions that can help

Sun Life offers solutions that can help you increase support for women’s health. Our website highlights many of these strategies through our Bright Paper, DE&I Playbook and other resources.

These resources can help you improve workplace health and support women in the prime of their working lives.

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