Coincidentally, this is the age range when most women begin their menopause journey.1 Unfortunately, many women experiencing menopause feel they aren’t supported in the workforce, and they’re underprepared.

The menopause knowledge gap is real. And it contributes to millions of women needlessly suffering through symptoms that have negative impacts on their health, quality of life, and work.2

It’s estimated that the unmanaged symptoms of menopause costs the economy $3.5 billion.

  • $237 million in lost productivity.
  • 540,000 lost days of work attributed to menopause symptom management.
  • $3.3 billion in lost income due to a reduction in hours and/or pay from leaving the workforce altogether.

New resources to help you support menopause in your workplace

You have the unique opportunity to break down barriers and reducing stigma to support the employees in your workplace going through menopause.

  • Most women believe menopause- inclusive workplaces could have a positive impact on their general well-being.3
  • 77% agree there should be more support in the workplace for women going through perimenopause/menopause.4*
  • 75% agree that employers would benefit if there was more support at work during perimenopause/menopause.5

We’re excited to share these new resources with you. We believe they can make it easier for you to start important conversations, provide support, and ultimately create a menopause-inclusive workplace where women are valued throughout the duration of their career.

  • Menopause and Work in Canada: a powerful report based on findings from Canadian women with a focus on understanding Canadian attitudes, perceptions, and feelings about menopause in the workforce.
  • Menopause Inclusive Playbook for employers: a hands-on resource employers can use to help understand menopause and support the women in their workforce experiencing it.

With World Menopause Day approaching on October 18, we hope you’ll read these resources and help support those experiencing menopause in your workplace and join the Menopause Works HereTM campaign. This campaign champions menopause-inclusive workplaces in Canada, and encourages employers to demonstrate their support for the well-being of employees experiencing menopause by:

  • Listening to the perspectives of menopausal employees to understand their experiences and needs,
  • Learning about menopause and its impact at work, and
  • Acting to find meaningful ways to support employees at this stage of life.

*Perimenopause refers to the time leading up to menopause and can last anywhere from 6-8 years. Menopause is a milestone that happens when a woman has not had a menstrual period for one year. Find out more here.

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1,2,3,4,5 Menopause and Work in Canada, Menopause Foundation of Canada. 2023.