About the report

Sun Life compiled and analyzed data from over 1.5-million1 plan members with long-term disability insurance. Our report offers an in-depth analysis that is unique in the industry. This helps us better understand the potential health risks plan members face, as well as the solutions available to employers to better support them.

We’ve seen the disability claims landscape shift since the COVID-19 pandemic first began. Some of the insights we uncovered include:

  • Mental disorder claims continue to be the main driver of claims overall.
  • Through the pandemic, younger plan members in particular saw a rise in volume of claims related to mental disorders.
  • Delayed or missed screening tests due to the pandemic are likely to cause cancer and circulatory claims to increase in the coming years.
  • Musculoskeletal-related claims are likely to begin to rise as more people return to work and more normal life.
  • We’ve seen the potential of new innovative care solutions to support employee health.

We know that disability claims can be an issue for any organization. That’s why we are committed to developing solutions for organizations regardless of budget or size. This can help reduce claims and help those on disability leave return to health and work.

Download the new report

We encourage you to download our new Designed for Health report. It can help you take a proactive approach to address mental disorders, and other drivers of disability.

This report reflects Sun Life’s mission to help Canadians live healthier lives. It provides valuable information that can help you support your employees, no matter where they are on their health journey.

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1The Sun Life data in this report is based on plan sponsors with long term disability coverage, excluding the Federal Government.