We often call mental illness a silent disease. That’s because while there’s no visible sign anything’s wrong, people suffer from the social stigma attached to mental health disorders. That stigma may prevent people from getting the support and treatment they need.

But getting help isn’t always easy. Some people aren’t familiar with how their benefits plan can help them access care. We want to help solve that. Our podcast on access to mental health care is a great start. We sat down with one of our Senior Mental Health Consultants and registered psychologist, Dr. Sam Mikail. He outlined a number of options available to people through their benefits plan, the different types of providers available to them, and how they can access care.

Listen to the podcast now.

This week and every week, we want everyone to #GetLoud about mental health. The more we openly talk about it, the more we can help people avoid feeling shame or fearing judgement for their mental health challenges – issues that so many people face.

Learn more about mental health week @ mentalhealthweek.ca.

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