In 2019, we launched coverage to help plan members through their gender affirmation journey. In response to plan member feedback, we’re making this coverage more accessible by removing barriers to treatment. These new changes will be available as of July 16, 2023.

About this coverage

This coverage helps supplement provincial or territorial coverage across the country, covering feminization or masculinization surgeries not typically covered under medicare programs.

We’re now making this type of coverage more accessible, by:

  • Creating a new Sun Life specific Prior Authorization Process.
  • Offering increased annual maximum options to choose from.  
  • Allowing assignment of benefits (if applicable).

Adding this coverage

Visit our Gender Affirmation web page to learn more. Reach out to us if you’re interested in adding this coverage to your plan.

This coverage helps you support your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, which can help you attract and retain talent.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Please contact your Sun Life Group Benefits representative.