You can find out about this innovative research in our new report.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What are the needs and preferences of those in diverse communities with respect to group benefits plans
  • How diverse groups can be better served with group benefits plans
  • Steps you can take to integrate DE&I in your group benefits plans
Key insights1:
  • 92% of members from diverse groups value group benefits plans .
  • 76% said benefits plans play an important role in attracting and retaining them as employees.
  • There’s room for improvement:
    • 17% strongly agree their plan meets their needs as a member of a diverse group,
    • 53% somewhat agree,
    • while 30% either somewhat or strongly disagree.
  • Opportunities to improve include:
    • access to service providers from diverse backgrounds,
    • coverage for alternative and non-traditional medicines, and
    • virtual care, especially for mental health.

Take your DE&I strategy a step further

Benefits plans have a key role to play. As a Plan Sponsor, you have an opportunity to integrate DE&I into your benefits program to ensure your employees remain healthy, productive, and engaged. 

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1Integrating DE&I into Group Benefits Plans, Research report 2022