New innovations released 

  • Using proactive intuition to provide helpful articles when plan members are looking for a provider 
  • Updating Alexa’s main menu to submit claims 
  • Checking recent disability claim status 
  • Submitting written feedback through an app store review

By looking outside our industry, we find innovative trends that improve your experience and well-being. This way you and your employees have more ways to engage with us and maximize your Sun Life experience.

Improving the experience when searching for a provider 

When plan members and Canadians are looking for a provider, we’ll leverage that information and offer health and wellness articles. These articles provide insight and tips on how to make the best decision for plan members’ specific health needs.

For example: 

  • When a plan member searches for massage therapy, Alexa can offer articles from Lumino Health that include important info to keep top of mind when using massage therapist services. 
Claim cards visual enhancement 

To help plan members know where they are in the submit-a-claim flow, we’ve added screen visuals to provide guidance on the process. These visuals can be seen when using the Amazon device with a screen and/or the Amazon Alexa app.

Disability claim status  

We’ve closed the loop on disability requests and added the ability for plan members to check the status of their disability claim just like they can on and the SunLife Mobile app. An example of this would be the command “Alexa, check status of my disability claim.”

Feedback collection text

We’ve started to request feedback from our Clients by sending them a text message at the end of their conversation on the skill. Plan member feedback like this helps move our future-of-work initiatives forward. 

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