As a result of a recent market review, along with feedback from our plan sponsors, we are enhancing the Inpatriate Health Plan as follows:

  • The enrollment period will be extended from 31 days to 60 days. This will allow more time to submit enrollment applications for your members and their dependents.
  • The maximum coverage period will be increased from two years to five years. This change will allow members to continue to use IHP when no suitable alternative exists. 
  • Midwife services will now be eligible for reimbursement according to the same limitations as defined by the provincial health care plan in the claimant's province of residence. Expenses are payable on a Reasonable and Customary basis.

In addition to the changes above, the rates will be increased by 5%. The new rates will be:

  • Single: $183 per month
  • Single + 1 dependent: $366 per month
  • Single + 2 or more dependents: $549 per month

Updating your contract and benefits booklet wording

These changes will become effective on January 1, 2020. As a result, this Focus Update newsletter serves as an amendment to your contract and benefits booklet, effective January 1, 2020. Please file this notice with your Sun Life Financial contract for future reference.

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