New functionality on the my Sun Life mobile app and has made it easier for employees to manage their plans. We’ve improved the process they need to follow when asked for more information about a submitted claim.

Attaching receipts when a claim has been selected for review as part of the quality assurance program

Following a review of the current claim submission process, enhancements were made to improve the employee experience. These changes will make it easier for them when submitting a digital claim on the my Sun Life mobile app or A key focus of the project was to bring more clarity and efficiency to employees when their claim is selected as part of a quality assurance review. This enhancement also benefits plan sponsors due to added cost containment measures.

Today, when a claim is selected for further review, it often results in the claim being declined. The employee is then asked to send in receipts, or other supporting documents before their claim can be completed.

Moving forward, the enhancements will help decrease the number of declined claims. If a claim is selected for further review, the employee will be prompted to attach images of the supporting documents at the time of the actual claim submission.  Attaching images is an existing functionality on the my Sun Life mobile app, but is a new feature on

This new functionality will allow the majority of submissions to be addressed immediately once valid images are attached. Having images submitted at the time of the claim will result in efficient reviews and faster detection as part of our quality assurance program. In some cases where this is not available, the member will receive a notification that the claim has been received and not yet processed. Any further updates about the status of the claim or the need to provide additional documentation will be sent to the member via e-mail.

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