Members can enter between September 11 to October 11, 2023. If members do not already have an account or are unregistered, they must create their account on or the my Sun Life mobile app to enter.

The prize consists of $10,000 in prepaid credit cards for one (1) lucky winner.

Plan members will receive confirmation of their entry via the secure site and/or the my Sun Life mobile app once they’ve signed in. They’ll receive a combination of the following promotions about the contest:  

  • An initial email sent at the beginning of the contest period announcing the start of the contest. 
  • A reminder email sent halfway through the contest period to encourage participation.
  • Pop-up message upon signing in to
  • Mobile notification on the my Sun Life mobile app
  • Promotion of the contest via social media (Facebook and Instagram ads) 

Sun Life’s digital tools make it easier for employees to take charge of their plan, including submitting claims online or through the app.

See the contest rules for full details.

Please click here to see copies of the email, web and social media creative.

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