Removing the requirement for original claim documents

We stopped requesting original claim documents, effective October 1, 2021. There may still be some rare cases when we ask for original documents.

Change to request for notarized will

We’re also changing the threshold for requesting a copy of a notarized will. Previously, when we paid an insurance benefit of $50,000 or more to an Estate, we required a copy of the notarized will. We’ve made this easier, as we’ll now only need a notarized will when the amount is $150,000 or more. We’ve updated the Plan Sponsor Admin Guide with this new process.

This change is retroactive to any new claim submitted on or after May 25, 2020

These changes will help us continue to make claims easier for beneficiaries

They’ll reduce time and effort for beneficiaries as they’ll simply email the claim documents to They don’t need to worry about sending the originals. Please be advised that although Sun Life uses reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of the email content it sends and receives, the privacy or security of email communications cannot be guaranteed.

We keep looking for new ways to simplify the process for beneficiaries during a difficult time. Fast and easy payments of life insurance claims provide valuable protection when they need it most.

There are no contract changes required.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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