We applaud the government’s goal. No Canadian should be left without access to the coverage they need. Insurers, and workplace group benefits plans, have a critical role to play in helping realize this goal.

We believe the best approach to providing universal coverage is one that builds on the decades-long partnership between private and public plans to deliver first-rate care to Canadians. 

Did you know?

  • 90% of plan members report their plan helps them afford the cost of prescription drugs.[1]
  • 86% say that a benefits plan is an important factor when deciding on a job offer.[2]

By working together, we can achieve the goal of universal coverage while also ensuring that millions of Canadians continue to receive the high-quality coverage. To learn more, refer to our new report – Coverage for all. Working together to achieve universal drug and dental care. We address the government’s proposed changes and the critical role that private insurers and workplace group benefits plans play in supporting the health of Canadians.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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If you have more than 50 employees, please contact your Sun Life Group Benefits representative.


[1] Survey of 3,800 adult Canadians conducted by Abacus Data on behalf of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association between January 31, 2022 and February 14, 2022

[2] Sanofi Health Care Survey, 2020