What is an Organizational Health Assessment?

Our Organizational Health Assessment is an online tool to help you check the health and state of your business. It takes 5 minutes or less to do and will provide you with a better understanding of your organization’s strengths, gaps, and specific areas of improvement. It covers 5 key factors:

  • Leadership – Are you setting the right tone for your workplace's values and expectations?
  • Company practices – Do you have the right policies and procedures to promote a healthy workplace?
  • Programming – Do you have workplace health programs to help employees and promote wellness?
  • Internal communication – Do you have an effective employee communications plan?
  • Evaluation – Are you measuring your results and adapting your approach?

Actioning Results

You’ll receive a score and a tip sheet that outlines best practices. The tip sheet also contains practical advice for how to best overcome any challenges. You can repeat the assessment regularly to track and measure your progress.  We also recommend partnering with your advisor or consultant in managing your organizational health strategy.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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