What does the MHC do?

The MHC proactively engages plan members experiencing mild to complex mental health concerns. It then connects and guides them to the right resources and support.

This includes what’s available

  • in their benefits plan,
  • employer resources and
  • public health-care system. 

MHCs make recommendations that meet and address the unique and diverse needs of plan members. All the MHCs are licensed health-care practitioners.

How can the MHC help Clients?

The MHC takes a proactive approach to absence management. It’s a great support for Sponsors to help their plan members in their mental health journey. Findings from the Mental Health Coach pilot show that the program:

  • Successfully engages at-risk members
  • Removes barriers and prompts access to care
  • Improves health outcomes
  • Reduces absence

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We’ll send this Focus Update to plan sponsors on October 27.

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