A return to good health is always good news. And when an employee returns to work after a disability leave, you want to help them sustain their health and ensure they reintegrate back into the workplace.

We partnered with Ipsos to survey Canadian employees and employers about their return-to-work processes and journeys. We wanted to identify the steps and actions that can increase the chances of success after an employee has returned to work from a disability leave.

Here are key insights we found:

   Insight 1

83% of employees identified the importance of their direct manager in supporting a successful return to work.

   Insight 2

Just 33% of employees strongly
agreed they and their manager had a clear return-to-work plan.

   Insight 3

93% of employees who had an accommodation plan when they returned to work said it was valuable / highly valuable.

Just 50% of employees reported having had an accommodation plan.

   Insight 4

90% of people managers we surveyed would value additional training on:

  • How to approach and speak to employees sensitively about various disabilities
  • Gaining a better understanding of employees’ physical and cognitive limitation so they can identify suitable, modified work for them
  • How to provide accommodations to employees returning to work
  • Processes and guidelines when managing a returning employee

Source: Ipsos and Sun Life data, 2023

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Through these insights and resources, you can help ensure your employees have the support they need after returning
to work from a disability leave.

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