Learn about the success stories of companies which developed and implemented mental health strategies to support employee wellness.

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A workplace mental health strategy is critical to your employees’ well-being and to the success of your organization. Over the years we’ve helped employers in achieving their organizational health goals with significant results, including helping to:


lower disability claims,

reduced short-term absences and

greater engagement in supports like employee and family assistance programs.

We understand what strategies work for employers because we’ve launched, tested, and improved them at Sun Life first. We use our own workplace as a proving ground for new, innovative practices in employee health to best support your workforce.

No matter the size of your organization or budget you have, you too can begin to build a successful mental health strategy. Sun Life is here to help you reach your goals. In these case studies, you’ll find insightful examples of companies that are creating successful organizational transformations. You can learn from their actions to create a strategy that works best for your organization.

Developing and implementing a successful workplace mental health strategy

Every organization is unique and requires a tailored approach to workplace mental health that addresses their specific needs. Regardless of industry or company size, employee well-being is essential to creating a healthy workplace environment.

There are many effective actions that organizations can take to promote mental health in the workplace. We recommend you read these three success stories of employers which developed or improved their mental health strategy. You can learn from them and apply similar actions to your own workplaces.

Essential components of a healthy organization

A mentally healthy workforce is key to a company’s success. In these 3 new case studies, you’ll learn more tactics for success to improve workplace mental health.


Here are 3 critical components of organizational success:

Leadership commitment to changing workplace culture

Organizational assessment to better understand your needs and risks.

Tailored mental health strategy

Take your next step towards improving workplace mental health. You don’t have to do it alone!

The pandemic has made having a mental health strategy that much more critical. These case studies show how you can make a difference and improve workplace mental health with the right approach.

Get started with our free Mental Health Strategy Toolkit.

It was created based on our:

  • years of experience working with Clients to create healthier workplaces
  • extensive testing within our own organization to find solutions that work

It’s a great resource to help organizations get started, as well as to guide employers already on their journey.

Need more support? We’re here to help.

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How can leaders promote health and well-being at work?

These case studies provide general information only. It doesn’t provide you with employment, legal, health, or financial advice. Consult with the appropriate professional advisor to meet your organization’s needs.