The Mental Health Coach (MHC), provided by CloudMD is a new service that takes a personalized and proactive approach to mental health. It engages plan members who are the most at-risk of mental health related absences and prompts them to access care before their symptoms worsen.

MHC is a valuable add on-to your Extended Health Coverage (EHC). It’s available for employers with over 50 employees.

For more information about adding MHC to your plan, contact your Sun Life Group Benefits Representative.

Engage, empower, and prompt access to care

The MHC service removes barriers preventing plan members from accessing care.

We use data analytics to engage plan members who are at risk of developing mental health problems. And then proactively reach out to encourage them to connect with a MHC.

Following a successful 12-month pilot program, we’ve seen that 70% of those reassessed with risks for depression and 72 % of those reassessed with risk for anxiety noticed 'major improvements'.1

The MHCs address plan members’ unique and diverse needs. This includes finding

culturally appropriate care

practitioners of a specific gender, cultural or ethnic background or

a member of the LGBTQ2+ community and

virtual or
in-person practitioners

MHC is an add on to your Extended Health Coverage (EHC). It's available on mobile and web. For more information about this service, please read this brochure.

The MHCs guide them to the right resources and support based on their risks. These include:

  • what’s available in their benefits plan,
  • through their employer and
  • the public healthcare system.

Here are helpful materials to help you promote the MHC within your organization. We invite you to share these materials with your plan members to raise awareness about the MHC and better understand the benefits of this service.

Please note, this service is an add on to your Extended Health Care (EHC). It's available for employers with over 50 employees. You can speak to your Group Benefits representative to add it to your plan. Once it’s added to your plan, you can then use the tools to communicate it.

Helpful resources:

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The MHC pilot was launched in 2021 in partnership with CloudMD. The service focuses on proactive outreach and data analytics to prompt members to take action on addressing their mental health concerns before they worsen. The MHCs work with the members to create a personalized action plan including focused recommendations for accessing care. These are the first results from the MHC after a 12-month pilot period.