Sun Life supports recommendations for major changes in the Canadian prescription drug landscape


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The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Industry (CLHIA) recently released a comprehensive report about the current prescription drug landscape in Canada. Its recommendations are aimed at lower prescription drug costs and improved access for all Canadians. Sun Life fully supports the CLHIA recommendations.

Sun Life’s support of CLHIA report

The CLHIA report provides a clear and concise analysis of the current system of drug pricing and coverage.

Read Stuart Monteith’s, Senior Vice-President of Group Benefits, article about the CLHIA’s recommendations for change. Sun Life has been a proponent of reform in this area and was a key contributor to the CLHIA report. As Mr. Monteith’s article indicates, Sun Life stands firmly in support of the CLHIA recommendations for providing accessible, affordable, sustainable prescription drug coverage.

You may also be interested in a June 28, 2013 article in the Globe and Mail by André Picard. He calls the CLHIA report “one of the most significant contributions to the debate on pharmacare (and medicare reform more generally) in many years.”

Next steps

The CLHIA plans to engage with various levels of government and stakeholders to discuss prescription drug reform in Canada. Sun Life will keep you updated on progress as it occurs over the coming months.


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