Reminder: Information Required With Your Requests

When you’re sending in a request to our GRS Administration team, please remember to include all the necessary details and/or fully completed and signed forms with requests:

  • Include your Client ID and Plan ID in your email subject line, using the following format: C0XXX.YY (XXX = Client ID and YY = Plan ID)
  • Within your email:
    • Member ID
    • Complete details
    • Any forms required

This will help us avoid asking for missing information and complete your request quickly and in line with our service standards.

As a reminder, you may notice new email IDs from Sun Life. Or you may have new representatives contact you with questions related to requests you’ve sent us.

Email IDs

All emails from Sun Life will include our branded signature. They will use a standard format of: GRSOps… It’s very important that you continue to respond to these requests. This will ensure that we can process transactions and requests as quickly as possible on your behalf. Please rest assured, these emails are from Sun Life, and we appreciate your responses to them.

New Phone numbers

You can contact your GRS Administration service team or representative using the numbers below. If you’ll be serviced by a dedicated rep, you can call the toll-free number for dedicated Client-Facing reps, and use the rep’s extension to reach them directly. If you will have a new rep or if you’re rep’s phone extension is changing, your rep will reach out to you with their details. You’ll also be able to search the phone directory if you can’t remember the extension for your rep. The new toll-free numbers are:

  • For Clients who will be serviced by the “team approach”: 1-888-333-1681
  • For Clients with a dedicated Client-facing representative: 1-888-333-8903

Have questions about the new contact information or about your plan? Please contact your Sun Life GRS representative.