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Our research studies and information reports help keep you informed about the retirement savings industry. They include news, trends, insights and analysis.

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Designed for Savings is packed with plan data, trends and analysis. It continues to provide the most comprehensive look at capital accumulation plans in Canada. 

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Our retirement readiness analysis can uncover the most impactful variables affecting your members’ ability to retire on time.

  • Insights in time of COVID-19

    As part of our commitment to keeping you informed, we’re excited to launch a new in-depth report, covering the period of recent market volatility as a result of the COVID-19 health and financial crisis. The report is designed to provide you with a view of broad economic themes, as well as a focus on actions taken by plan members and sponsors. The report contains transactional observations, as well as insights from recent Sun Life surveys. The size of Sun Life’s GRS membership, combined with the scope of our business across all industries and sectors, gives us unparalleled insight into how plan members and sponsors are responding. We also created an infographic accessing how mental and financial health intersect. 

    Download the infographic