We’re here to support you through COVID-19. Here’s how we can help you.

Better access, Better choice, Better value (our 3 Bs)

What do the 3 Bs mean to your employees?

It means we are always looking for new ways to make their benefits:

  • easy to understand and use
  • flexible to meet all their needs
  • cost-effective for both you and your employees

It means they get the most out of the plan you build for them and you see a greater return on your investment.

Here’s how we do it:

The right communications to educate, engage and support your employees at every step of their health journey.

The most current technology to help make it easier to access their account information and get the most from their benefits.

Leading the industry in product innovations such as virtual care, Lumino Provider Search and pharmacogenomics.

Personalized, timely support with world-class data analytics and AI to help your employees make informed decisions about how to use their plan options.

Discounts and special offers through our strong relationships with vendors and provider networks.

Cost-effective health innovations through our Lumino Health network including:

  • expanding virtual care options,
  • mobile usability enhancements, and
  • cost information database for providers.