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Life insurance

A life insurance contract provides a guaranteed tax-free cash payment to your beneficiaries after you die. They can then use that money any way they want. 

Types of life insurance in Canada:

Term life insurance

Term life insurance offers flexible, affordable coverage that’ll provide your beneficiaries with financial protection if you die within the time covered by your policy.

Permanent life insurance

We offer 3 types of permanent life insurance: whole lifeuniversal and participating. They provide lifetime financial protection. Policies like whole life and participating also offer premiums that are guaranteed to stay the same. 

Health insurance

A health insurance contract can give you financial coverage to help pay for health care needs such as prescription drugs, dental care, serious illnesses and more.

Types of health insurance in Canada:

Personal health insurance (PHI)

Personal health insurance helps pay for the cost of medical and dental care expenses that aren’t covered by public health care or your workplace benefits.

Critical illness insurance (CII)

Critical illness insurance can help pay for the costs of coping with and recovering from a covered critical illness.

Long-term care insurance (LTCI)

Your health care needs may change as you age. Long-term care insurance can help pay for the cost of care if you’re unable to care for yourself.

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